Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What distinguishes the Rhy Report from other market reports?
A: Most market reports publish their opinions on specific topics or give stock market tips. As the Chinese philosopher Mo Ti already noted, there are as many opinions as there are people. The stock market tips are often opaque and the published yield of the tips is hardly ever verified.
The Rhy Report is different. It provides you with solid facts to help you in your own opinion formation. Based on our own experience as portfolio manager and trader, we know what information might be of interest to you. In addition, as a subscriber to the Premium Rhy Report you get exclusive access to our systematic long term Rhy Risk Indicator. In our opinion, this is one of the best indicators for assessing the risks in the stock market.

Q: How does the Rhy Risk Indicator work?
A: More detailed information on the Rhy Risk Indicator can be found on www.rhyadvisors.ch

Q: Is there a free trial?
A: No. You can, however, download a sample report for free on the website.