General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
Version 02 October 2018

1. Area of Validity
The website is under the ownership of and is maintained by Rhy Advisors Ltd with headquarters in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. The contractual language is German. For business relations between Rhy Advisors Ltd and the clients, the following general business terms and conditions are in force according to the version effective at the time of subscription.
The content of the website is not aimed for persons and institutions that are subject to any legal system that prohibits them from accessing the website (due to the nationality of the relevant person or institution, or their residence, or due to other reasons). Persons or institutions for whom such constraints apply will be denied access to the website and subscription service.
Please pay attention also to the disclaimer and the privacy policy on the website which contain further important information. By accepting the general terms and conditions you also accept the disclaimer and the privacy policy.

2. Subscription
Premium Rhy Report
The Premium Rhy Report is published approximately once a month on the website When the client has successfully subscribed, the client will gain access to the Premium Rhy Report. He/she can reach it at the website through a web browser by means of a personal username and password. The report is normally also delivered to the subscriber by e-mail approximately monthly.
After the period of contract expires, the subscription will automatically be renewed at the then-current subscription fee rate until the subscription is cancelled. Once cancelled, the subscription will remain active until the end of the current subscription period. Subscription fees already paid will not be refunded. Subscriptions can be managed at “My Account” at the website

3. Payment
Payments shall be done via PayPal or credit card. The price is given in CHF (Swiss franc) including VAT. You may be charged with additional PayPal or credit card fees.

4. Delivery Conditions
After registration and payment, the client will receive a confirmation e-mail with his personal username and password. The client will have instant access to the reports on the website with his username and password.

5. Rights and Obligations
To use the website, the client must provide the obligatory information truthfully and completely. The client is solely responsible for the secrecy of his/her personal access information such as username, password (login data) and he/she and his/her employees are obligated to treat them strictly confidentially. The access information is personal and must not be shared with other people. Every authorized user only has access to the website if he/she uses his/her own personal login data.
The client must not bestow his/her rights and obligations to third parties without written permission by Rhy Advisors Ltd.
The client must not make accessible or publicize any information on the website that are accessible only by logging in either in part or in whole in any form whatsoever. Exempt from this is use of data and graphics for the client’s personal presentations.

The following rights and obligations ensue specifically for different services:
Premium Rhy Report “Individual”: The Premium Rhy Report can only be used for private personal use. The report must not be commercially used or reused without written assent by Rhy Advisors Ltd. Likewise, it is not permitted to share, sell or otherwise use data from the protected areas (access only by login) to other persons or institutions.

Premium Rhy Report “Company”: The Premium Rhy Report may only be used by businesses of any type for intra-company use. The report can be shared with a maximum of 10 people within the company. However, it is not permitted to share, sell or other than internally use data from the protected areas of the website (access only by login) to third parties from outside the company.

The client declares him/herself in agreement with the obligation to report any loss, theft or unauthorized use of the access information immediately to Rhy Advisors Ltd. Rhy Advisors Ltd reserves the right to withhold access to the website if it believes that a loss, theft or an unauthorized use of the login data has or may have taken place. Rhy Advisors Ltd reserves the right to take legal action against the client in case of severe misuse.
If the client violates the aforementioned terms and conditions, the client owes Rhy Advisors Ltd compensation for the verifiably occured damage. Compensating the amount of loss does not unbind the client from his/her contractual obligations. Rhy Advisors Ltd is especially entitled to demand remedial action against the violation of contract at any time.
Ownership and commercial property rights of license material or modified license material, in particular patents and copyrights, persist throughout the entire duration of the contract and furthermore remain with Rhy Advisors Ltd.

Rhy Advisors Ltd has the right to cancel the clients’ subscription at any time and for any reason. In addition, Rhy Advisors Ltd has the right to discontinue or postpone the publication of the Rhy Report at any time and for any reason. In case the Rhy Report is not published until the end of the clients’ contract term, the client will receive a pro rata refund of the subscription fees. Rhy Advisors Ltd has the right to change the subscription fee rate at any time. Rhy Advisors Ltd has the right to change the content, layout etc. of the report at any time.

6. Disclaimer
The information published on the website are exclusively for informative purposes. They do not constitute any investment advice, recommendation, offer or invitation to buy or sell investment instruments or to take action based on the signals from the Rhy Risk Indicator. The historical signals are based on backtests and do not constitute any guarantee for the accuracy of future signals.

7. Right of Cancellation
You hereby expressly agree that the execution of the contract will begin before the expiry of the revocation period. You are aware that you thereby lose your right of revocation from the beginning of the execution of the contract.

8. Place of Jurisdiction
The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland. All legal relations between the client and Rhy Advisors Ltd are subject to Swiss Law.